From scientists and engineers to policy makers and venture creators. At MéridaLabs we are looking for the best talent to work on a variety of ground-breaking projects. If you have leadership and communications skills, work well in a team and want to change the world, come to Vancouver and join our efforts.

We work closely with industry, government and academia to put knowledge into action. 

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Open Positions

Postdoctoral Fellow: Sustainability and Policy


In collaboration with the University Climate Change Coalition (UC3), we are offering a UC3 Fellowship to work on climate action initiatives at UBC, advance coalition-wide activities, and learn from other fellows in the program. As a UC3 fellow, you will be hosted by our lab at UBC, and you will be expected to spend approximately 80% of your time working on the UBC project described here while the remaining 20% of your time can be spent on collaborative, multi-disciplinary projects relevant to the entire network. These coalition projects could include virtual community development (with other fellows in the program), sharing best practices across universities, coordination of workshops or events to present project outcomes, etc. 

Required: PhD in Science, Engineering, Political Science, Geophysics, Urban Planning, Mapping or related fields completed within the last 3 years.

Postdoctoral Fellow: Carbon Black


We are looking for a motivated and solution-oriented Postdoctoral Research Fellow (PDF) to lead the carbon black production and characterization project. Mérida Labs developed a patent-pending technology based on methane thermal cracking to produce zero-emission hydrogen and carbon black at a low cost. The technology uses liquid metals at high temperatures for methane thermal cracking.

Required: Ph.D. degree in chemistry, material science or related fields. Priority will be given to candidates with strong knowledge of analytical chemistry and material science, good writing and communication skills as well as design and construction of experimental testbeds, and working with sensors, data acquisition systems (DAQ), and LabVIEW software.

Postdoctoral Fellow: Hydrogen Policy and Supply-Chain


As the theme leader for this program, you will have the opportunity to work with industry, government and academia to develop hydrogen policies. The tools at your disposal include a multifunction and multivariable hydrogen supply chain model that we have developed. The model was developed for BC, but can be used for other regions and countries.

Your work will require effective interaction with all levels of government, industry, scientists, and civil society. Excellent communication skills are essential. Experience with international energy policy is an asset.

Required: Ph.D. in Policy, Social Sciences, Mathematics, Engineering, or related disciplines. 

Postdoctoral Fellow: Remotely Piloted Aerial Systems in a 5G environment 


As the team leader for 5G aerial systems development, you will have the opportunity to collaborate with our industrial partners to develop and deploy monitoring of traffic control systems for RPASs. In 2019, UBC Vancouver became the first 5G campus in Canada. 

Required: Ph.D. in electrical engineering or related disciplines. Good management, leadership and communication skills.

Graduate Student (MASc.): High-Temperature and High-Pressure Water Electrolysis



Two openings for Masters of Applied Science are available. The graduate students will be working within the high-temperature and high-pressure electrochemistry group.


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