Energy Systems

We are developing the next generation of energy technologies and system architectures for a low-carbon economy.

We focus on hydrogen because it can link renewable resources to scalable services.

Integrated Solutions

What if gas and electrical grids worked together to minimize climate impacts and air pollution?

We are transforming common urban assets (e.g., electric vehicles, parking garages, boilers, refuelling stations) to enable smart energy management and new economic models. 


What if we could combine hydrogen and electricity (Hydricity™) to provide all the required energy services without carbon emissions?

We are working on fuel cells, electrolyzers, and hydrogen generation technologies. 

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What if we could evaluate energy policies systematically and quantitatively?

We are developing robust techno-economic models and decision-making tools that incorporate carbon pricing explicitly.

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What if we could liberate the transportation sector from its dependence on fossil fuels?

We are working on the business models and technologies to link transportation systems with smart infrastructure.


What if we could make carbon-neutral fuels and value-added products?

We are developing new pathways to convert carbon dioxide into products.


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